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+ college hockey romance

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Rhys Koteskiy is back — at least, he’s supposed to be.

During last year’s Frozen Four, the Waterfell University hockey captain, and NHL legacy, took a brutal hit that left him with a concussion and a new discomfort on the ice. Plagued by nightmares and panic attacks every time he attempt to skate, Rhys wonders if he’ll ever play again — if he’ll ever want to.

Sadie Brown is staying focused this semester — no matter what.

Currently drowning in debt, custody hearings for her younger brothers and skating practices, she's just trying to make it to the next day. A spitfire figure skater known for her bad attitude and frequent disappearing acts, she has a reputation on campus.  And it’s not a pretty one.

When she accidentally witnesses one of the golden boy hockey captain’s panic attacks and attempts to help him, a strange sort of understanding strikes up between them.

No questions asked. Just comfort.

But Rhys finds himself drawn to Sadie. Where he feels empty, a shell of the man and player he was before, Sadie is so full of everything it bursts from her; every emotion she feels seems like it’s blasted at max. Rhys is desperate to feel anything, Sadie wants to stop feeling so much.

But healing doesn’t mix with secrets, and they’re both skating a thin line, 

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Hi! i'm peyton.

I write romances with imperfect characters, angst and lots of heart. My stories come with a healthy dose of swoon and angst, of hurt and comfort, and—though it make take them some time, they always end with a happily ever after. 

I’ve been writing since I was a kid in my head, but I’m finally letting those stories live further than my notes app. 

If I’m not writing, I’m making another cup of coffee, rewatching Twilight and probably frantically reading through my own endless TBR. 

I love to laugh, but my books might make you cry.

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I rewatch the twilight saga almost every month.

My hair color is always changing—blonde, red, brown… you never know what you’re gonna get. 

My coffee addiction is specifically to the coffee I make myself (but I love a good little coffee shop trip).

I have three bookish tattoos (& counting!)

Good music is everything to me (and I’m always sharing my latest obsession.) 

Name a sport, I probably played at least one season of it. (Which means, yes, I was a figure skater for a hot minute.)

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“I laughed, I cried, I blushed and I swooned.

It is everything and more. It shows the difficulties we find in healing, in loving another and in letting ourselves be vulnerable.”

“Peyton has created relatable, loveable characters, who you can still lose yourself in.

I was immediately drawn to the characters, the story and Peyton’s writing. A million and one stars for Unsteady.”

“Unsteady is a beautiful book full of angst, mental health representation, compassion, and true love.

The way Peyton Corinne writes emotions and these characters through their struggles and journeys, shows her mastery of creating these perfectly imperfect characters who are realistic and relatable, and still enthralling to watch grow.”

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Peyton Corinne is represented by Caitlin Mahony at William Morris Endeavor. For queries on foreign rights, audio rights, and all other business inquiries, please contact: cma@wmeagency.com

For queries on book signings & events and all other inquiries: peytoncorinneauthor@gmail.com

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